WeCloud SiteSecurity

WeClouds Site Security monitors both internal and external systems 24x7x365 .In the event of an issue, the reaction time is minimized and detailed information about the problem is received immediately. WeCloud Site Security monitors e-mail servers, websites, DNS, and many other business critical IT services for organizations of all sizes.

Detailed transaction logs

Any changes in the systems WeCloud Site Security monitors are logged and saved for review. In the event of an incident detailed information on the exact point in time, downtime, and information on when the problem was remedied is available within seconds.

You decide when and how you want to be notified about unexpected incidents. WeCloud Site Security can alert different people depending on which service is affected. The alarm can be sent via email or SMS immediately when a problem occurs and can also be scheduled so that less critical alarms are not sent out at night. Your alarm can also be sent to your external IT consultant or IT partner.


Managed Service

WeCloud Site Security requires no installation of software or hardware in your environment. The service is activated without any configuration. Just tell us which systems you want us to to monitor and we activate the service. Operation, maintenance and all updates are managed by WeCloud.

WeCloud Site Security can be customized to suit your needs.The following paragraphs cover the most common configurations. For monitoring of other services, please contact your WeCloud Account Manager.

Customizable Solution


To be without e-mail can be very costly. WeCloud Site Security checks that your mail server is working and can receive e-mail. Compatible with both your own mail server and mail hotels. WeCloud Site Security can also check the uptime of your external spam filter supplier and compare it to the promised SLAs.

DNS is a critical service for all modern Internet communications. If your DNS is not working, then no one will be able to translate the address to your website or your email addresses to IP numbers, this means that your domain becomes unavailable on the Internet. Your domain's MX record is used to determine who should receive your e-mail. If your MX-record changes then you can lose emails or they can be sent to an incorrect destination. WeCloud Site Security can alert you in the event of any changes to your MX-records.


Web Server

Your company website is more important than ever in today's world. How would your customers, suppliers and other visitors react if your web page spread viruses or was unavailable? WeCloud Site Security monitors and alerts you if your website goes down. WeCloud Site Security can also check the uptime of your external website provider.

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