Billable Hours


Easy Billable Hours Tracking

Know how many hours you spend on billable and non-billable projects or other work.

If projects are fixed price or billable by hours, in both cases good project managers should track time to know if they make a profit.

One-Click Visual Time Tracking

Do you want to implement timesheets successfully? Get it right with one click and/or automatic time tracking! Advance and start using automatic time tracking and calendar integration. You will never miss any billable hours.

Graphical timesheet integrated with calendar.
Budgeting report shows actual vs. estimated time.

What is the Definition of a Successful Project?

To to make a project on time, on budget and with good quality. Get help from TimeCamp to make sure your projects are going well. See project profitability, and see problems before they arrive. Improve predicting and estimating projects. You will have a complete history of your project portfolio and actual vs. estimated time.



Invoice based on billable hours worked generated in TimeCamp.

Quick Online Invoicing

Track different clients and different jobs per client
Use time entries to bill your clients or to measure project profitability.

Use time entries to bill your clients or to measure project profitability. Track how many billable hours people work on paid project, and how many hours are spent on non-billable projects or other work. It's simple. Employees can to log their hours worked, so that you can pay them for the hours worked at the end of the month.


Time management

Pin down what you are actually doing, how much time is wasted (or not).

Finally, Time Camp allows employees to self-monitor their own productivity, especially how much time they're losing to various distractions.

  • Visibility of what colleagues are doing.
  • Treat time more respectfully.
  • Manage themselves more.
  • Trust each other.
Productivity report showing top productive apps and sites.

Productivity Perfected

Hard-working people and bright people want to work with others that are also pushing themselves

TimeCamp has given visibility and trust for each other’s time management choices and, in any team, trust is the paramount to making the total effort greater than the sum of the parts.

'TimeCamp will open your eyes to how the day is spent.'

'TimeCamp really does find and make you time.'




Attendance and Time Off

At a glance, see how many paid hours your team has logged

Our goal for from TimeCamp is to have the equivalent of Google Analytics for people’s computer use and offline work time so that users can see their average start/finish times, hours worked per day/week/month, breaks, and more.

So what makes TimeCamp Different?

Do you want to be a successful project manager and:

  • Not lose time spent on billable hours that are eventually not billed?
  • Know how much development time (and therefore the cost)?
  • Want to be able to accurately bill your clients?
  • Know how many hours you spend on non-billable projects or other work?
  • Measure project profitability?
  • Track actual project hours to detect project overrun and under run and analyze your estimation accuracy and your efficiency?
  • Forecast time and costs for future development projects?
  • Justify time to your client, and adjust your rates for specific projects?

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