Comprehensive network monitoring

59% of people responsible for IT in Polish companies believes that the implementation of IT monitoring tools would improve the security level in their organizations.


  • secure server room – humidity and temperature monitoring
  • time saving – transparent reports available immediately
  • prevention of costly downtimes by detecting the potential failure reasons
  • more control over system processes
  • better performance of business processes due to comprehensive insight into the operation of crucial services


  • network scanning, discovery of devices and TCP/IP services
  • interactive network maps, user/branch maps, intelligent maps
  • simultaneous work of numerous administrators, management of authorizations, access rights
  • TCP/IP services: response time and correctness, statistics of packets received/lost (PING, SMB, HTTP, POP3, SNMP, IMAP, SQL, etc.)
  • WMI counters: CPU load, memory usage, disk usage, network transfer, etc.
  • Windows performance: service status change (start, stop, restart), event log entries
  • fi le distribution with use of WMI
  • SNMP v1/2/3 counters (e.g. network transfer, temperature, humidity, power voltage, toner level and others)
  • MIB fi le complier
  • support for SNMP traps
  • routers and switches: port mapping
  • support for syslog messages
  • event-actions alarms
  • alerts (desktop, by e-mail, by SMS) and corrective actions (program launch, machine restart, etc.)
  • reports (for a device, branch, selected map or entire network)


The easy management of IT assets (ITAM)

ITAM (IT Asset Management) is a term used to define the business practices which enable the easier management of IT costs within an organization. Axence nVision Pro is a key to the efficient management of corporate IT resources.
51% of software installed on corporate machines in 2013 were unlicensed copies. This is often not the result of the bad intent of companies, but rather of the incorrect management of IT licenses and resources.


  • reduction in the costs of IT department by detection of redundant licenses (for unused software)
  • improvement in the management of workstations and the easier planning of new resources
  • comprehensive control over even the most extensive IT infrastructure
  • full list of installed/used software, which means fines are avoided
  • quick audits from the level of mobile application
  • assistance for the accounting department – register of fixed IT assets


  • list of applications and Windows updates are on an individual workstation (register, disk scan)
  • list of Microsoft software keys
  • information on register entries, executable fi les, multimedia fi les, .zip archives and fi le metadata on a workstation
  • detailed hardware confi guration of a specifi c workstation
  • system information (startup commands, user accounts, shared folders, SMART information etc.)
  • hardware and software inventory audit
  • history of hardware and software changes
  • IT asset register database (defi ning own asset types, their attributes and values, attachments, importing data from CSV fi les)
  • alarms: software installation, change of hardware resources
  • offl ine inventory scanner
  • Android application which enables a physical inventory to be carried out using the QR barcodes
  • Agent for Android, which keeps the inventory of mobile devices (also outside of the corporate network)
  • audit archiving and comparison


Better security and employee performance

Phishing - use of Internet access at work for private purposes.
Cyberslacking - adopting the identity of co-workers to hack into the corporate network.
Human - the weakest link in each corporate IT security system.


  • improving the corporate security level: the blocking of dangerous Web domains against accidental opening and malware infection
  • protecting employees against phishing messages and APT attacks
  • minimizing the cyberslacking and improving the employees’ performance
  • optimizing the work organization – knowledge of the time spent on specific activities enables the improvement of the business processes
  • reducing printing costs


  • blocking websites
  • blocking of launched applications
  • monitoring of e-mail messages (headers) – anti-phishing
  • detailed work time (start and end times for activities and breaks)
  • applications used (in an active and inactive manner)
  • visited websites (website titles and addresses, number and duration of visits)
  • print audits (per printer, user, computer), printing costs
  • link usage: network traffi c generated by users
  • static remote view of user desktop (without access)
  • screenshots (user work history, screen by screen)


Intuitive technical support

IT event – each, even the slightest event which has an impact on the optimal operation of the IT infrastructure. Most events can be counteracted, but there are some unavoidable incidents which have the potential to disrupt the operation of the entire organization. To remedy such situations in a quick manner, you need technical support service.
32% of all IT events is related to the human factor, where 6% pertains to configuration errors, and the remaining 26% to other employee errors.
70% of companies neglect the need of regular software updates, thus increasing the risk of an attack on the corporate network.

Productivity Perfected

Hard-working people and bright people want to work with others that are also pushing themselves

TimeCamp has given visibility and trust for each other’s time management choices and, in any team, trust is the paramount to making the total effort greater than the sum of the parts.

'TimeCamp will open your eyes to how the day is spent.'

'TimeCamp really does find and make you time.'


  • database of service tickets
  • creating and management (assigning administrators) of tickets
  • comments and attachments to the tickets
  • screenshots within tickets
  • internal messenger (chat)
  • messages sent to users/machines with the option of obligatory confi rmation that the message has been read
  • remote access to computers with the possibility to request user consent and the blocking of peripheral devices
  • fi le distribution/execution tasks
  • integration of user database with Active Directory
  • processing trouble reports from e-mail messages
  • knowledge base


Control of data access

BYOD (ang. Bring Your Own Device) – a trend involving the use of private devices at work, described by IT managers as one of the main challenges for network administrators today.
69% of Poles declares that they often use private mobile devices for professional purposes. Every fifth person is ready to break the corporate security policy to do so.
64% of companies cannot be sure, where their confidential data are located, and more than half of them worries that the data can be stolen by temporary workers.


  • protecting the corporate network against viruses automatically installed from flash drives or external storage disks
  • reducing the risk of strategic data leak through the use of portable storage and mobile devices
  • saving money and time required to restore lost data
  • defining the policy of corporate data transfer by employees together with appropriate authorizations


  • information about devices connected to a specifi c computer
  • list of all devices connected to networked computers
  • audit (history) of connections and operations on mobile devices and network shares
  • management of access rights (writing, executing, reading) for devices, computers and users
  • central confi guration: setting the rules for the entire network, for selected network maps and for Active Directory groups and users
  • integration of user/group database with Active Directory
  • alerts: mobile device connected/disconnected, fi le operation on a mobile device

10 „Golden Bit” awards granted at the GigaCon conferences

Monitoring and Management Product of the Year 2012 and 2013 (the „IT Professional” magazine readers’ award)

CEE Microsoft “Networking Infrastructure Solution of the Year 2008” award

Honorable Mention in the Microsoft Poland “Solution of the Year 2008” competition

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